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Impact Consulting is a commodities consulting and trading company whose scope is the trade representation & agency as well as the trading with commodities, with the purpose to resell them in initial, manufactured or processed type.The company has been engaging in consulting & trading activities specially in EU, North Africa and Middle East. Our primary focus is on energy, agricultural and fertilizers. Apart from the above mentioned fielss, the company has also been undertaking activities with commodities used in the chemicals industry. From crops, agricultural and energy commodities to agro-industrial products and downstream end-uses, we provide global business intelligence and market analysis on issues of production and demand, prices, including forecasts, trade and policy.

Together with first class business partners, we support and assist companies that are involved in the procurement, financing, trading, logistics, handling, processing or use of agricultural and energy commodities. Impact Consulting is a Poland idea with an international focus and projects on various locations worldwide. Our clients range from multinationals, associations to trading companies and policy makers

Our team has many years of experience within the international agri and enery commodities area in combination with outstanding consultancy skills accumulated on an extensive range of projects. Together with first class business partners we make this expertise and know-how available to our clients, providing amongst others proven concepts, risk management tools, project management and logistic solutions for the agro energy commodities sector and policy makers.

Impact Consulting strength is the ability to combine specific expert knowledge with first class quantitative analysis to offer the highest quality commercial, economic, strategic, and policy advice in the rapidly changing agro-energy sector.

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